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When Lexi, an ambitious high schooler, fails to garner the attention of her crush, she impulsively enters a talent show to try and win over his love by becoming the Sauerkraut Festival Queen. 

The Sauerkraut Queen - Kickstarter Video

The Sauerkraut Queen - Kickstarter Video

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The Sauerkraut Queen is inspired by Nicole's teenage years and set against the backdrop of her small hometown in Oregon. The story sheds a comical and thoughtful light on the painful search for identity that many young people go through. EIGHTH GRADE meets BOOKSMART, this film aims to speak to young audiences and create an atmosphere of honesty around the bumpy process that is growing up.

Filming October 2021 in Scappoose, OR


The Gist

At her small town’s annual Sauerkraut Festival Talent Show, Lexi has big plans to ask her crush, OWEN, to be her date to the Sauerkraut Festival Ball. But when her plans get interrupted by the enviable TATUM and her band, she pivots and decides to compete against Tatum instead, in hopes of becoming the Sauerkraut Queen and winning Owen’s love.

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